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Old Nest, New Nest

It is a little sad to leave our lovely, light filled, second floor apartment in Cambridge.  This was mine and Wayne’s first place together.  It was here where we meshed Wayne’s simple modern style with my vintage flea market style and OUR style emerged.  And it was here where we went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being husband and wife.  It has been a little over 2 1/2 years since we moved in and the place has only seemed to get cozier with time.  

Old Nest


As hard as it is to get uprooted though, it feels good to clean out the house and think about starting fresh somewhere we both really want to be.  I know that our new place will be even more wonderful!  There is a lot to look forward to…a bathtub, a bigger studio space for jewelry making, more plant space for Wayne, room for guests, a single family house (no neighbor noises!), a quiet street, and a little yard.  Nesting will take some time but it will be worth it in the end. 

New Nest




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Departing Words…

In regard to our move to Alaska,  we bumped into a fellow Cantabrigian yesterday who left us with these last departing words of wisdom:


Only here….

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Alaska you say?

When I tell people I’m moving to Alaska, the reaction is usually the same….loud and exclamative.  Some of the responses I’ve heard include “Why would you want to move there!?’ and “Oh honey, what happened?!”.  I can usually count on some type of Sarah Palin remark as well. (Yes, we will practically be her next door neighbor and I’m sure it won’t be long until I start collecting her discarded tissues for the start of my tourist museum). My friends say, “Wayne grew up there and Mel’s just crazy.”  It’s a bit of a joke but it’s kind of true.  You have to be a little crazy to pack up your life, leave your friends and job, and embark on a circuitous 7,000 mile road trip to a tiny little town in the last frontier which by the way you’ve only visited once, three years ago and which potentially has a nine month-long winter with record lows nearing -40 degrees, average snowfall around 60″ inches and as much as 19 hours of darkness.  Yeah, I’m a little crazy.

So, why am I moving again…?  Well, more and more, my husband, Wayne and I found ourselves complaining about our city dwelling lives….the street noise, crowded public transit, lack of quality time together, wimpy outdoor activities,  high cost of having fun, and so on.  Nothing had really changed per se, I guess we just both came to value different things in our lives.  Yes, Cambridge is great.  I love the wicked smart people and the quaint city of bricks.  I love visiting the museums and being inspired by all the local artists.  I love driving through the countryside and visiting charming little towns.  But truth be told, after nearly three years in New England there’s a lot I miss. I miss the mountains and I mean REAL, BIGGER THAN LIFE mountains where you actually get out of breath when you go hiking.  I miss the horizon and the sunset.  I miss the quiet sounds of nature. 

As we complained about these various things over a glass of wine with a close friend a few months back, she said something that really stuck with me.  She said, “You two are smart people, you can figure it out.”  She was right, we are smart people and we could figure out how to get the things we wanted in life.  The answer to our problems just happened to come in the form of “Palmer, Alaska”.

In our new home we are looking forward to more time together, more time with mother nature, and more time with an already established connection of family and friends.    Wayne will be able to pursue his architecture licensing under the guidance of his mentor and close friend, Gary Wolf who owns an architecture firm in Palmer, while I will be able to work full-time (crossing my fingers) on my jewelry from my home studio.   There will be time for morning hikes and afternoon tea breaks.  Family dinners and birthday celebrations.  Space for a garden and maybe even a dog.  Though we will miss this place (especially our dear, dear friends…oh how we will miss you!) we have a lot of exciting new things to look forward to. 

With that being said, I found it fitting that on this 27th day of March 2010, the official six month anniversary of our wedding (!!!), my blog should enter the world…..wide web that is.  To my best friend and husband Wayne, I know this is just the beginning of a very long, happy, and adventurous life with you!  And just remember, if I can’t stand the Alaskan winters or mosquitos,  bribing me to stay with fabulous new shoes will probably do the trick! 

Away we go.

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