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I don’t know, Alaska!  (A little ditty from my friend Sara)

Just wanted to let you all know that I am still here!  My mom is visiting this week so I am on a little hiatus from blogging but will be back at the end of the week to update you on all the fun Alaskan adventures we’ve been having.  Also a big belated birthday wish to my Grandma Arlene who turned 85 this past Friday.  Hope you had a great day Grandma and keep an eye out for a little package coming your way!


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Sara Danielle Designs

It’s true, another friend is one year older today!  Very merry birthday wishes to my dear friend (and 1/2 japanese sista!) Sara.  Coincidentally, Sara is also a jewelry designer, making delicate, sparkly baubles under the guise Sara Danielle Designs. Everyone loves her stuff…it sells like hotcakes.  She is stocked at several stores in Boston (including my personal fave, Topaz) and you can also peruse her online collection here.  Sara has a deep happiness and zest for life that radiates through all she does and makes (like jewelry) and continues to be a source of great inspiration for me.  So today, Sara, may you feel the warmth, love and inspiration that you so freely give reflected right back atcha!  Happy Birthday girl!

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Rya & Rosie Catching Bugs (top left), Feeding Plants (top right), Observing Plants (middle), Rosie Feeding Plants (bottom left), Wayne Overlooking Feeding (bottom right)

Wayne put Rya and Rosie (and me!) to work the other week catching bugs outside to bring in and feed the plants.  The girls caught enough to feed all the flytraps and then some.  Wayne gave them a little lesson in carnivorous plants and they really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of it all.  Whenever they come over now the plants are the first thing they want to see!  Also note the sneak peek of Wayne’s very own room dedicated strictly to plant matter.  He’s pretty thrilled by it.  Hopefully I’ll get around to posting some real house pictures very soon.

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Fresh Pickins’


Plump. Red. Yummy. Strawberries.  Straight from the garden!

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Necklace (left), Nicole Modeling (right)

I just wanted to wish my wonderfully quirky, amazingly talented, and wildly beautiful friend, Nicole, a very happy and beautiful day of birthday celebrations today.  Nicole is the designer behind NYX Studio, an amazing line of handcrafted jewelry that is at once edgy and wearable, bold and beautiful.  She is also the one who let me borrow that awesome fur stole on my wedding day! I worked for her for a brief time in Boston and enjoyed every minute in her light filled studio, stringing stones and polishing her designs to a brilliant shine.  {You can’t shop from her website yet but if you see something that strikes your fancy give her and call and she’ll hook you up.}

Nicole, you have been and will continue to be such an inspiration to me!  May the coming year be filled with much love and inspiration, and oh yeah, a bazillion-million jewelry sales!

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Wayne @ the Rock (top left), Mel @ the Rock (right), Wayne @ the top (bottom left), Mr. Cottontail (bottom middle)

Getting back to the roadtrip, from Devil’s Tower we continued east where we crashed for the night in Sheridan, Wyoming, my old stomping ground.  Nearly seven years has passed since I visited last and it is always fun to go back and see how things have changed. Wayne got a tour of where I once lived, went to school, and all my old hang out spots.  We also got the chance catch up with a few friends from my childhood and catch up on all the new things happening in their lives which was super great.  After a long day of sightseeing we took in a movie at the theatre on main street and had a comfortable night sleep at the Holiday Lodge Motel, the exact place where my family first stayed when we moved to Sheridan in 1987, when I was just four years old. 

After our jaunt in Sheridan, it was time to head south (again!) so onward we went towards Cheyenne.  We decided to take the backroads in order to make a stop at Independence Rock on the way.  Although I had been here before, I was excited to go again since the subject of history is so near and dear to my heart.  (You probably didn’t know that.)  I just think it is so cool to see, touch and feel the same rock that was a major landmark for early pioneers heading west on the Oregon trail in the mid-1800’s, many of which left behind their mark by etching their name in the surface.  We got out, stretched our legs, and walked around the huge granite rock which protrudes 130 feet into the air.  I took in the windy Wyoming plains of barbed wire and blowing grassland.  Wayne wasn’t as thrilled.

We got back in the car and made a beeline for Cheyenne where we crashed with my cousin Ryan and his family for the night.  They had wonderfully cozy home and fed us well.

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As July comes to an end and August begins, I am reminded of just how many birthday celebrations there were this past month.  I know I didn’t get around to wishing each and everyone of you cancers and leos a happy birthday but I hope you each had a wonderful month of birthday-ness.  And as each of you gained another year, I hope you also gained more insight, wisdom, and intuition into what it takes to make a happy you and full life.  To another year of adventuring, dreaming and loving!

Will and Jela- July 2nd

Jenn and Sylvia- July 3rd

Danny- July 4th

Kobie- July 7th

Rosie- July 9th

Grandma Tae- July 14th

Barbie- July 22nd

Mom- July 25th

Loren- July 29th

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