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Archangel Fall Outing

Wayne with a view (top left), Fireweed (top right), Mel exploring (bottom)

A couple of weekends ago Wayne and I jumped in the car and headed for Hatcher’s Pass to do a little hike down Archangel Trail.  For the first time  it was actually warm and even, dare I say hot up at Hatcher’s, which in my experience is usually 20 degrees cooler than in the valley and accompanied by a fiercely cold wind.  I was pleasantly surprised and even had to take off a few layers!  We enjoyed a leisurely time taking in the fall colors (notice the color of the fireweed in the top right photo) and doing a little berry picking.  In total we probably tasted at least four different varieties of blueberries, all slightly different in appearance and flavor, and gathered enough to make a batch of scones when we got home.


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Bayli the Birthday Girl (top left), Emma, Bayli and Mel (top right), the cake! (bottom)


We celebrated my niece Bayli’s 15th birthday (the 21st) this past week with a family get together.  I was in charge of making a gluten-free/dairy free cake for the event and I have to say it turned out super yummy. I just used a package from the store but added in some carob for a little extra pizzazz.  Since Bayli is really into Tim Burton I was inspired by the movie Sweeney Todd to create a fun cake topper in her honor.  Also Emma and I dressed the part with our big hair and funky red and black outfits.  I think Bayli was impressed.

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Welcome Suki!


We decided on the name “Suki” for our new pup.  It is of Japanese origin and means “to be liked” and since we sure do like her it seems like a fitting name!  She’s been here 10 days now and has really settled into her new life.  She loves her lambskin bed, chillin’ with me in the studio, long morning walks, and having her belly rubbed but her most favorite thing of all is her ball.  She could play fetch until the cows come home!  I am glad we have a nice big yard for her to run and a field for frolicking in.  She’s still a bit nervous in new situations and especially around men but we are working on getting her out more and socializing.  I’ll definitely be updating everyone with more pics soon!

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The Death of Mr.Crabapple

 So, we have been having some strange weather this past week in Palmer.  While the summer was miserably gray and rainy, the fall has been pleasantly sunny and beautiful though I didn’t quite realize it was coming to an end so soon.  This morning we woke to a light dusting of snow on the mountains and a couple of flurries in town throughout the day.  What has worse than that though was the horrible, terrible wind blowing at 25 mph with 35 mph gusts this past week.  It was intense.  And it lasted for two straight days.  On the second day big Mr.Crabapple in our backyard came down, split into several pieces.  It was a nice big tree so we will miss it dearly.  Luckily it didn’t do any damage to anything around it.  As you can see  from the photo below though, Momma Moose and Baby Moose have been enjoying their crabapple feast just feet from my bedroom window!  It is a little freaky (like how do you take the dog out to pee?) but really awesome.  They’ve been hanging out in the field behind our house as of late too and enjoying some munching in the garden as is evident by the tracks and nibbled shoots left behind.

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Summer’s Bounty


A snapshot of some of our summer bounty picked during my mom’s visit.  We’ve enjoyed picking raspberries, black currants, and tons of lettuce from the garden along with a berry picking outing at Crevasse Moraine Trail for red currants.  I’ve been saving the berries up in the freezer to make some yummy jams soon, at least I will try to.  Right now we are still enjoying lettuce, along with peas and carrots from the garden.  So yummy!

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The Jenski Family +1

Meet the newest addition to the Jenski Family!  She has yet to be named but we are open to suggestions.  Wayne and I have visited the animal shelter several times in the past couple months but never quite found the right one.  Yesterday I popped in and saw this little sweetie and knew she was the one right away….I hurried home and got Wayne!  She is a one year old, husky/Shepard mix, just the right size with a little bit of spunk, a lot of manners and a major cuddle bug.   We love her.  Now just for a name!

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All in a Day’s Work

Wayne and I signed our niece Bayli up for a free photography and film workshop last week through the Palmer Arts Council.  We unfortunately discovered it the night before the last day of the three-day workshop but nonetheless Bayli jumped in and helped out.  She didn’t get to participate in the photography sessions but she did get to help edit and compose a few short films which you can watch here.  They are quite impressive if I do say so myself.  And to think that they were created in just three short days!  The workshop was taught by two recent grads, Marty and Kelly, who are travelling the country from Alaska to Argentina documenting their Pan-American journey along the way (via blogging, film, photography, etc.) and teaching teens about film and photography through free educational workshops.  It is pretty cool.

On a side note, both Wayne and I became members of the Palmer Arts Council and recently took part in their food film festival.  We took in a couple of movies that I would highly recommend.  The first, The Mighty Humble Blueberry was a super informative film that shed light on the one women accredited with bringing this wild fruit into cultivation and to our tables.  The second,  What’s Organic about Organic delved into, well, what “organic” is, the benefits of an organic lifestyle, and understanding conventional farming methods in order to more completely understand organic ones.  It was really interesting and only helped to confirm my recent shift towards buying totally organic food as much as possible.  Though it is sometimes hard to justify spending more money on organic food (especially here in Alaska where food in itself is incredibly expensive)  I am reminded that my money goes towards sustainable farming methods that keep the earth, soil and workers healthy while also providing food that allows me to live a healthier and longer life and that makes me feel really good.  Cheers to organic!

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