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Mel and Mom overlook (top), Fat Marmot Backside (bottom left), Mine Building (bottom right)

A few more pictures from Momma-bear’s visit.  On this outing we ventured to Hatcher’s Pass (you’ll remember seeing other pictures of Hatcher’s from a previous fall outing post awhile back) and toured through Independence Mine State Historical Park.  The mine was first staked in 1906 when gold was discovered and closed in 1943.  At its’ peak, the mine included 27 structures, employed 204 men, covered 1,350 acres, and  produced 34,416 ounces of gold worth $1,204,560 at the time.  It was quite a chilly, foggy day as evident from the pictures but was fun nonetheless.  We also enjoyed the fat marmots hanging out on the dilapidated structures (above photo) who didn’t seem to mind us at all.


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Arrows by PerlaAnne

Here’s another meditation from my book, “Journey Through Womanhood: Meditations from Our Collective Soul“, to reflect upon as we enter a new week of work.  I just read the new post on my sister’s blog, A Candy-Coated Life, and could definitely relate to her thoughts of feeling lost and uncertain about what direction life is headed  (otherwise known as “What the F@%! am I going to do with my life!?!?).  So here is some food for thought, and hopefully some words of comfort for others who haven’t quite found their niche in this world.

As much as we may have fantasies of being handed a wonderful life on a silver platter. they are, in truth, fantasies. Like it or not, we have to work for our lives.  What we don’t learn through our own awareness, deconstruct and process with our apparatus, and integrate into our internal world,, is never really ours. It doesn’t work with and for us because it hasn’t been made sense of through our own eyes. It hasn’t been assigned meaning as it related to us, our needs and drives, our hopes and dreams, our sense of who we are and what life is all about for us.  We live in our own minds. What is there is what we live in; it provides the filter that sorts through experience and the attitudes that are the engine that drive us through the world. Our own life is our mos intimate adventure; no one can live it for us.  It is the Huntress in all who look for life, who yearns, listens, and seeks out a mission and purpose that feels right, that allows us to makes our unique contribution to the world. We grow when we contribute in meaningful ways. This is how we stretch our souls. The Huntress is the researcher in all of us. The Huntress is the seeker, tester, and experimenter who looks everywhere until she find the right fit, her place in the sun.

Above original print Arrows by PerlaAnne available for purchase here.

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A little peek at a crown I made last month for my friend Jenn’s bachelorette celebration.   I had been wanting to make a crown for a while now and the perfect occasion for one came up so I went for it!  I used leather scrap along with various ribbons, gold beads, and metallic ink for embellishments. To give it more structure I used plastic cut from the plethora of gallon water jugs Wayne uses to water his plants each week giving me extra kudos for reusing materials.  I just stocked up on some more leather scraps in lots of fun colors and hope to go into production over the winter with the intent to sell.  Once you put one of these on you can’t help but feel magical and happy!  The quote on Jenn’s is Rumi and reads:

“The power of love came into me and I became fierce like a lion then tender like the evening star.”

Also I am happy to announce that after my last week of creative frustration and inactivity I slowly eased into the following week without pressure to perform and spent one whole day painting rocks and driftwood just for the fun of it.  (I love being an artist!)  I have to say it worked, because my creativity has been unleashed and I’ve had trouble drifting to sleep with all the ideas popping into my head!


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Rodarte Fall 2010

Drooling…….still drooling.  Rodarte is my hands down one of my favorite designers EVER.  NY Fashion week is over and I’m a little late sharing this with everyone but it still needs to be shared!  (You can view the runway video here along with a handful of other amazing designers too.)  The talent behind Rodarte are the Mulleavy sisters, both in their early thirties and not classically trained in fashion. It makes me think there might still be hope for me one day in my own creative endeavors.  Anyway, the inspiration for their fall collection is Mexican border towns; places that are seemingly dark and dangerous but at the same time ethereal and ghost like.  I had the awesome experience of seeing some of their designs in person last winter at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City….so amazing and inspiring!

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Apple Snacks at the Neighbor's House

Since I haven’t stayed abreast on blogging lately, here a few bullet points of what’s been happening up north:

Most of the leaves were forcibly blown off the trees and a sunny, short-lived fall seems to be coming to an end as evident by frosty mornings with temperatures hovering around freezing.

More moose sightings as the weather gets chillier and they migrate down to town from the mountains.  This little guy was munching the neighbors apples the other afternoon.  Notice how he has to kneel down on his front legs to reach the ground.

I started a job this week at a little herb store with locations in both Palmer and Wasilla.  I am working three days a week with the title “wellness consultant” but definitely have a lot to learn!  Unbeknownst upon my hiring,  I am required to wear an apron/smock thing along with a name tag which is definitely adding a challenge to my fashion forward persona.

I’ve been embracing the homesteading lifestyle I’ve been wanting to achieve by canning two batches of apple butter and making over a gallon of applesauce with my shiny new chinois sieve (all from local apples given to us by kind neighbors).

Wayne and I did a fall clean up this past weekend….pruning the raspberry bushes, trimming trees, raking, bringing plant indoors, and mulching the garden.  While it is kind of fun to work outdoors I am also reminded how great it is to rent and not have the all the responsibilities of owning a house if I don’t want to.  Also I am reminded how much I want to be an awesome gardener but how very much I have yet to learn!

I voted in my first city/borough election.  Coincidently my neighbor is now the Mayor of Palmer.

I registered for a community education class at the Matanuska College (a satellite campus of the University of Alaska) called The Art of Animal Skin Sewing: Hats.  I’m crossing my fingers that enough people register because I am excited to learn some hand sewing techniques for leather and skins (which could really help with my jewelry making) and make a really cool hat to boot!

I had my first taste of moose burger this week in a potluck chilli Wayne made.  I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between beef.

We celebrated my niece Emma’s sweet sixteen on October 4th complete with a pink princess sash, princess tiara, and pink and silver sparkly wrist corsage  to complete her birthday outfit, courtesy of mine and Wayne’s awesome crafting abilities.  She also passed her driving test (Wayne was practicing with her in the weeks leading up to) and is now a licensed Alaskan driver!

Suki will celebrate her first full month at our little red house this Thursday; I can’t believe it’s already been that long!

And that is about all I can think of.  Whew!

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Kathy doing her blueberry thing

Last month during Kathy and Soni’s visit they were able to get out to Hatcher’s Pass for some berry picking and came home with some yummy wild Alaskan blueberries.  As a method of cleaning them (i.e. separating the berries from the leaves, twig and other detritus) Kathy set up a fan and passed the blueberries between two bowls, allowing the berries to fall into the bowl and the other matter to blow away.  Quite ingenious! 

Also take note of our new BBQ in the background courtesy of Kathy!  (That’s what happens when you feed your guests tofu, they come back the next day with a BBQ and lots of red meat 😉 )  Even though I’m not a huge meat-eater I do enjoy a nice juicy steak once in a while and it will always come in handy for grilling some tofu!

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Suki @ Crevasse-Moraine

Suki and Mel (top), WJ and Suki looking for squirrels (bottom left), Suki strutting her stuff (bottom right)

Yes…more pictures of our baby!  It has been quite fun having a doggie companion and one of the best things is that it gets us out of the house; not that we don’t like getting out but we are both prone to being homebodies.  We’ve gotten into the habit of at least two weekday outings after work and some type of fun weekend outing.  The pictures above are from our walk in the Crevasse-Moraine trail system. 

We’ve been working on her “recall” ability, letting her roam off-leash as much as possible and she’s done pretty well so far.  We did get quite the scare this week though, when headed back to the car (less than 200 yards)  from a long walk she took off into the woods and didn’t come back.  After a few minutes of calling her we heard a commotion behind us and a really big male moose was booking it down the trail with Suki at his heels.  We quickly followed but they were long gone.  We had to follow the tracks back into the woods for over a mile, relentlessly calling “Suki” and fearing the worse.  To make matters worse it was getting dark fast and we would have to turn back soon.  Luckily she appeared on the trail heavily panting and amazingly unharmed.  The moose probably outrun her in the end, but that’s not what always happens. Needless to say, she was in the dog house for most of the night.  She won’t get the privilege of going off-leash for quite a while now!

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