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The Party!

Melusina Table

The Snowfall Soiree event was a success last nite!  It was quite the production getting everything together but overall the whole thing went smoothly and I had a good response to my first designs.  We set up two tables, one for Melusina (top photos) and one for Sara Danielle Designs (bottom photos) and everyone really enjoyed seeing the jewelry, trying it on and taking some pieces home.  It really made me excited to do some more shows and get in production and design mode!  And a big thanks to Sara for getting all her lovely jewelry sent all the way from Boston; I think you’ve definitely made a few Alaskan fans!

Sara Danielle Designs


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Melusina Branding

Here’s a sneak peek at the branding I came up with for my business, Melusina.  The top two images are my business card, front and back.   I went with an unconventional size and the front reads:  “She’ll don her wings and serpents tail and take to sea and sky.  Illuminated by moonlight, tirelessly she continues on.  In search of secret things, sacred things.  She is Melusina.”  The bottom image is for a sticker that will be used in my packaging.  I just sent them off to the printer so am crossing my fingers they come back looking beautiful!  For those of you that are wondering what all this Melusina business is about, you can read about the inspiration for the name here.

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Snowfall Soiree

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog but wanted to quickly sit down and make a few quick posts.  I have been super busy not only with my new job but also with my class on Saturday (sewing a fur hat!) on top of getting ready for the event posted above.  I decided that I really wanted to get my stuff out there, try to sell something, and just get a feel for how people react to my designs so I invented a jewelry party!  In a few short weeks I’ll be hosting the Saturday event to debut my designs alongside my very talented friend and jewelry designer out of Boston, Sara Danielle Designs.  Everyone LOVES her stuff so she kindly agreed to send some pieces northbound.  It has been a little intense trying to wrap everything up for the big day (designing, fabricating, pricing, gathering show props, creating invites, and deciding up marketing/branding ideas, etc.) but setting a deadline really does help push things along.  I created the above flyer as the invite for the event; my designs are photographed with the mossy background and showcase my more delicate, earthy designs.  I am hoping in the next couple months to be able to take a little break from these pieces and direct my energies to the development of my bolder, avant-garde pieces.

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