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Red Moon

Happy Solstice!  Hope everyone caught a glance of that fiery red moon last night.  We are looking forward to adding daylight minutes to our days up north.  Right now we are at 5 hours and 18 minutes of daylight!


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Snowscape (Part III)

These pictures just don’t do the beauty of winter justice!  It was sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 when I was out photographing and the color of the sky was just beautiful, casting a warm pink glow on everything.  I tried to capture it in the treeline on the top photo.  And again, another picture of ice crystal seeming to spontaneously grow from the last years yarrow stock.  I never noticed this kind of beauty in Cambridge in the winter.  I think I was always too cold there, life was too fast.

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Snowscape (Part II)

Suki and Gus enjoyed getting out for a little fresh air too!  I love Suki’s snow face which she always quite easily achieves from all her snow digging.

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I enjoyed getting out the other day with my camera while the sun was shining (a rare occurrence)  to take a few picture of the beautiful snowscape just outside my front door.  It has been awfully cold, hovering between -2 and 10 degrees during the day, but all the better to grow snow crystals I suppose because that is exactly what it looks like out there.  Everything covered in delicate white feathery crystals as if to say they are alive, moving, breathing, growing!  So amazing!

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Our little Suki-monster showing her sweet side (top) and her wild rambunctious side (bottom).  It is hard to believe we’ve had her over two months now!  She has been enjoying running around in the snow and especially likes sticking her nose in it to smell for little critters and gobbling up mouthfuls while she runs.  She is quite the character!

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