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Mel ❤ plants. Plants ❤ Mel.

Oh the greenness!  What a joy in the middle of winter.  The snow is beautiful and all but lately I have been feeling like it is time to escape to someplace tropical and warm.  Feel the sunshine, put on a tan!  These photos remind me just how great the green of plants can be.

From the very cool greenhouse at the Denver Botanic Gardens that we ventured to on another outing with Tauna and Bryan.  The photo with me in it shows some of my favorite plants….air plants, that simply grow in the air without soil.  They are super fun and easy to care for.  These particular ones were huge! 

Stay posted for more picture from the Gardens….


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A Crafty Mane

Tauna crafting Mel's mane.

Tauna is the most awesome hairstylists ever so it is always a treat when I get to visit her and get her to style my do’.  She is my quarter japanese friend with an amazing funky style all her own.  My hair had gotten quite long but I gave her the creative license to do whatever moved her.  I came away with a fun little do’ with a little bit of an asymmetrical twist.  Super cute!  My only regret is I don’t have her hair counsel all the time.

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Mel and Tauna amidst a near white-out.

(F.L. Wright’s) Taliesin Architect’s Estes Park Visitors’ Center (both at left). Wayne enjoying the spring weather in CO.

Jeez, it is so hard to remember where I left off with this roadtrip business!  I am determined to get all the pictures from our trip posted before a year has passed- that is only another three months until we have been here a year.  Wow.  I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

I last left off with a photo of the rock shop we wondered upon in Estes Park, CO.  Here are a few more pictures from the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park area.  We stayed with my childhood best friend Tauna and her fiance Bryan in Denver and ventured out one day for some hiking (above picture).  It was quite snowy and even white-out conditions for a bit on our April excursion!  Very pretty though.
Also a few shots of the Visitor Center which was designed by students of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin school, hence the similarities to some of his previous architecture.

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Pink Morning

I captured a beautiful sunrise from our backyard the other week coming up over the mountains.  Sometimes it is nice to stop and pause, taking a moment to reflect on the beauty of winter, the varied colors making a presence…..dusty lilac skies, peach glowing mountains, icy blue snowbanks, fiery pink sunrises and blazing orange sunsets.

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