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Birch Tree Tapping and Sap Extraction

It isn’t really the beginning of April but how time sure has flown by!  We’ve had rain, sun, snow, wind, sun and more sun this month and it is beginning to feel and look like spring, oh glorious spring!  You can feel an incredible energy in the air, a vibration of activity and growth as people, animals and plants awaken.  I guess this is why we have winter, it makes us really appreciate the spring.

April 1st, while indeed Fool’s Day, also marked a few anniversaries for Wayne and I.  It marked our sixth year of dating and also the day in which we set off from Boston in 2010 amid a torrential downpour headed South to Philly.  In fact, at this time last year we would have been visiting Wayne’s mom in Cloquet, Minnesota with nearly five weeks to go on the road trip.  I was hoping to get some more road trip blogs done but can’t seem to find memory card; Wayne must have packed it with him.  It is hard to believe it has been a year since we left our old life, our friends, our sunny second-storey flat.  How time does fly!

I think it has been going extra fast because I have been extra busy!  Work has been crazy but good.  (I’ll post more on that later.)  And, quite frankly, I have been a workshop junkie lately.  In the past month I’ve learned about goats, bees, and net zero energy buildings, I’ve tapped birch trees for sap (above photos), and embarked on an 8-week meditation class.  I have also planted two flats of seedlings (with 2+ to go), submitted a project to a design competition, felt firsthand the amazing healing powers of acupuncture, and am just wrapping up a four-week soul-searching session via an amazing book titled “Soul Coaching: 28 days to Discover you Authentic Self“.  What a whirlwind of activity.

There is plenty more on the horizon too!  I’ll keep you posted.

Wayne is off in Venezuela until the 28th having an amazing backpacking adventure in celebration of 30 years on earth and I’m sure he’ll have lots to share upon his return.  I, in the meantime am enjoying some alone time, doing some spring cleaning (inside and out), and feeling alive!


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