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Suki love green grass (top), WJ the cook (bottom left), grilled asparagus (bottom right)

Spring time is grilling time!  We got our bbq late last year but now we are ready and going at it this spring, making the most of outdoor cooking!  We’ve been enjoying mediterranean grilled chicken, bbq tofu, mushroom and rice burgers, black bean burgers and lots of grilled veggies.  We’ll keep on experimenting with all kinds of things!

Above, Suki is enjoying springtime too, marked by an increase in green grass grazing!


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Mama Musky

Daffodils (top left), Horsetail (top right), Musk Ox Mamas (bottom)

In celebration of Mother’s Day we headed to the Musk Ox farm for their free day celebrating all the new moms and baby musk ox.  There were 11 this year, all named after state capitols…Tallahassee, Madison, Augustus.  They were all huddled up in the corner so we didn’t get a real close look but could tell they were cute.  Enjoyed live music and yummy bbq too!  (Oh, and take note of the mountain in the foreground, that is Lazy which I mentioned in my previous post.  The picnic table must be the first peak on the right.)

Also pictures of the daffodils in our front yard and some horsetail plants sprouting!  Spring is here!

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WJ & Suki (left), Mel with view to Pioneer Peak overlooking valley
Another winter outing, this time to the top of Lazy Mountain.  I still can’t for the life of me figure out why it is called that because it definitely isn’t a lazy climb!  This is to the first point, which everyone knows as the “picnic table”.  You can quite the view from up here.  This quickly became our favorite winter spot- close to town, a good work out  and do able within a decent amount of time.  I’ve never measured but I think it probably takes 1.5 hours to ascend and 5 minutes (yes, FIVE) to get back down.  I throw on my snowpants and slide down the whole way.  Incredibly terrifying and thrilling!  Even more so on a sled  and in the dark with headlamps! We had one run in with a moose up there this winter which was a little scary.   

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Bayli & Mel with doggies (left), Yugo napping (right)

Pictures from one of our outing this past winter at the Crevasse Moraine trailhead.  We met up with our niece Bayli and her husky Yugo for a nice walk through the woods. It was a beautiful and sunny day out and the dogs had a fun time running!  Yugo passed put on the way home….rear in the rear and head on the armrest in front!

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The Mother

Art by KMBerggren can be found here
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandmas, aunts, cousins, mother-in laws, friends,  and all the mother’s out there!  Thank you for being amazing, powerful and inspiring women!

I am the mother. I bring forth life. I love for love’s sake. I protect and nurture. The lives of my children are given to my charge. Nature has designated me as the channel through which new life enters this world. My children come first. I sacrifice my well-being for theirs. The nourishment that enters my body nourishes them and then, me. This love and committment I feel toward my children is bigger than I am; it is part of nature’s and God’s design; part of the dance of life in which I play my role. I am here to ensure that our species endures. I have this in common with all life forms. My babies captivate and delight me. They call on my deepest and most ancient need to love and protect. They adorn and give meaning and purpose to my world. They are my heart and soul made manifest. 

~ From Journey through Womanhood by Tian Dayton, Ph. D

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