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Inspired by my friend Kat, (who was in turn inspired by her friend Sandra), I decided to put together a list of 30 things I want to achieve before I turn 30 (One year, 9 months and counting down). Some of them are small things, some require money, some patience, some dedication, but all of them are fun things to look forward to and strive towards as the second decade of my life draws to a close and my 30’s begin. I challenge you to do the same, no matter how old or young you are, no matter what age you are turning, make a list of the things you always wanted to do and make them happen!

  1. Grow my hair out
  2. Touch my toes
  3. Own an original piece of artwork
  4. Learn to bellydance
  5. Create my own signature cocktail
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Travel to another continent (Spain/Morocco, Australia, Japan- those are high on the list)
  8. Write a poem, a really good one
  9. Learn how to tune-up my bicycle
  10. Butcher a chicken
  11. Perform a trick on the acrobatic silks
  12. Design and construct an original garment
  13. Lose 20 pounds
  14. Brew my own batch of mead
  15. Master the dinner party…start to finish, the appetizers, drink pairings, course meals, dessert
  16. Take one class about wines and one about beer
  17. Go “woofing” (work on an organic farm)
  18. Get a grant to learn a traditional craft while studying under a native artisan
  19. Own one fantastic and amazing piece of furniture that I’m in love with
  20. Grow the largest, ripest and most delicious tomato ever
  21. Have a steady second income from all my side art and crafting
  22. Work in the kitchen of a “local, organic” restaurant
  23. Catch a king salmon (at the end of my fishing pole!)
  24. Develop a regular meditation and yoga practice
  25. Learn how to bake one of those amazing and delicious savory stuffed rolls from Turkey Red
  26. Attend an herbal retreat to convene with mother nature and learn about her healing ways
  27. Have 12K in the my IRA and another 5K in liquid savings
  28. Complete an epic backpacking trip (24 miles down Crow Pass perhaps?)
  29. Write a business plan for my dream business
  30. Take a few music lessons to give the mandolin a try

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