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Another MWF seeks BFF

They Stole the Stars from by Night by AussiePatches

Artwork available for purchase here.


So, as many of you know I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. You’ve seen the facebook posts and I guess I am an open book (What?  FB isn’t for airing your constantly changing emotions!?)  Mostly it’s been about my social life, or lack thereof. It has a little to do with the weather as well but that is a whole other story. 

So, really it is just incredibly hard to meet people here not to mention meet people in the same demographic with similar interests and then to be able to find the time to get together socially when you do meet someone promising.  I never had to “date” much but I guess this would be the closest thing to that.  My acupucturists would say that my pericardium is sure getting a workout and boy are they right.  (The pericardium is a double-walled sac that contains the heart, therefore “protecting” it from harm.  Mine has been deflecting its’ fair share of disappointment and rejection lately.  It doesn’t feel nice.)

I’ve been here for over a year now and while I’ve struggled with this issue before I think it really hit home after my return from Boston last month.  It was so strange to go back there; it felt like I was going “home” in a strange way.  I don’t really have that feeling anywhere else.  Nostalgia maybe for Wyoming, South Dakota, Flagstaff, and Tucson but not feelings of being home.  The city was abuzz with young people everywhere and most importantly I was surrounded by my dear, dear friends again.  It was hard to leave.

I have amazing friends and family. I talk to my mom and best friend Alison most everyday.  I keep in touch with my Boston friends via email and long distance calls.  I have extended family members that email to cheer me up. My sister and I commiserate via skype on what the challenges of living in a different country (might as well be for me!). All of this is so great and I don’t know what state of mind I would be in without it but I don’t think anything can compare to benefits of a physical relationship.  Two people, sitting down, face-to-face to talk and enjoy each other’s company.  I need this.  I think all women in general really need this.  If I could just get an hour of girltime over a cup of coffee every week I think I’d feel a little more sane!

So, feeling especially down the other day I googled, “how to make friends” and lo and behold I found some promising leads and interesting articles.  Not that they had anything particularly enlightening to say but it made me just feel not so alone in the world.  That there were other “normal” girls out there facing the same problems I was facing.  Take writer Rachel, author of the blog (and soon to be published book) MWF seeks BFF who, like me, moved from NY to Chicago, leaving behind close friends and struggling to make new ones in her new town.  She wrote this great article about the increased challenges of finding friends as an adult.  Like I said, all of this info wasn’t necessarily anything new but it was just nice to know I wasn’t alone.  It felt so great to know that someone else was in the same boat that I just had to write her an email and thank her.  I wasn’t expecting a response but she actually wrote me back within two days!  WOW!  This girl could definitely be someone’s best friend!

If anyone has ideas, tips, or tools for meeting people I’m all ears!  I’m sure you’ve all faced these or similar challenges in the past. But for now, that is what is going on.  I’m sure I’ll have some more social gripes soon!


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The Mother

Art by KMBerggren can be found here
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandmas, aunts, cousins, mother-in laws, friends,  and all the mother’s out there!  Thank you for being amazing, powerful and inspiring women!

I am the mother. I bring forth life. I love for love’s sake. I protect and nurture. The lives of my children are given to my charge. Nature has designated me as the channel through which new life enters this world. My children come first. I sacrifice my well-being for theirs. The nourishment that enters my body nourishes them and then, me. This love and committment I feel toward my children is bigger than I am; it is part of nature’s and God’s design; part of the dance of life in which I play my role. I am here to ensure that our species endures. I have this in common with all life forms. My babies captivate and delight me. They call on my deepest and most ancient need to love and protect. They adorn and give meaning and purpose to my world. They are my heart and soul made manifest. 

~ From Journey through Womanhood by Tian Dayton, Ph. D

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Mel ❤ plants. Plants ❤ Mel.

Oh the greenness!  What a joy in the middle of winter.  The snow is beautiful and all but lately I have been feeling like it is time to escape to someplace tropical and warm.  Feel the sunshine, put on a tan!  These photos remind me just how great the green of plants can be.

From the very cool greenhouse at the Denver Botanic Gardens that we ventured to on another outing with Tauna and Bryan.  The photo with me in it shows some of my favorite plants….air plants, that simply grow in the air without soil.  They are super fun and easy to care for.  These particular ones were huge! 

Stay posted for more picture from the Gardens….

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A Crafty Mane

Tauna crafting Mel's mane.

Tauna is the most awesome hairstylists ever so it is always a treat when I get to visit her and get her to style my do’.  She is my quarter japanese friend with an amazing funky style all her own.  My hair had gotten quite long but I gave her the creative license to do whatever moved her.  I came away with a fun little do’ with a little bit of an asymmetrical twist.  Super cute!  My only regret is I don’t have her hair counsel all the time.

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Mel and Tauna amidst a near white-out.

(F.L. Wright’s) Taliesin Architect’s Estes Park Visitors’ Center (both at left). Wayne enjoying the spring weather in CO.

Jeez, it is so hard to remember where I left off with this roadtrip business!  I am determined to get all the pictures from our trip posted before a year has passed- that is only another three months until we have been here a year.  Wow.  I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

I last left off with a photo of the rock shop we wondered upon in Estes Park, CO.  Here are a few more pictures from the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park area.  We stayed with my childhood best friend Tauna and her fiance Bryan in Denver and ventured out one day for some hiking (above picture).  It was quite snowy and even white-out conditions for a bit on our April excursion!  Very pretty though.
Also a few shots of the Visitor Center which was designed by students of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin school, hence the similarities to some of his previous architecture.

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A little peek at a crown I made last month for my friend Jenn’s bachelorette celebration.   I had been wanting to make a crown for a while now and the perfect occasion for one came up so I went for it!  I used leather scrap along with various ribbons, gold beads, and metallic ink for embellishments. To give it more structure I used plastic cut from the plethora of gallon water jugs Wayne uses to water his plants each week giving me extra kudos for reusing materials.  I just stocked up on some more leather scraps in lots of fun colors and hope to go into production over the winter with the intent to sell.  Once you put one of these on you can’t help but feel magical and happy!  The quote on Jenn’s is Rumi and reads:

“The power of love came into me and I became fierce like a lion then tender like the evening star.”

Also I am happy to announce that after my last week of creative frustration and inactivity I slowly eased into the following week without pressure to perform and spent one whole day painting rocks and driftwood just for the fun of it.  (I love being an artist!)  I have to say it worked, because my creativity has been unleashed and I’ve had trouble drifting to sleep with all the ideas popping into my head!


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Love in Nantucket

“Nantucket” by Matteart

There once was a couple in Nantucket…

who decided to get married on a nice fall day in October and live happily ever after!

Congrats to my dear friends, Jenn and David, who married this past weekend.  (Many of you will remember Jenn for her awesome role as officiant in mine and Wayne’s wedding).  We so wish we could have been there to celebrate with you but we’ve been sending thoughts of love across the continent!  To a lifetime of love and happiness you two!

Above original print by Matteart available for purchase here.

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