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The Mother

Art by KMBerggren can be found here
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandmas, aunts, cousins, mother-in laws, friends,  and all the mother’s out there!  Thank you for being amazing, powerful and inspiring women!

I am the mother. I bring forth life. I love for love’s sake. I protect and nurture. The lives of my children are given to my charge. Nature has designated me as the channel through which new life enters this world. My children come first. I sacrifice my well-being for theirs. The nourishment that enters my body nourishes them and then, me. This love and committment I feel toward my children is bigger than I am; it is part of nature’s and God’s design; part of the dance of life in which I play my role. I am here to ensure that our species endures. I have this in common with all life forms. My babies captivate and delight me. They call on my deepest and most ancient need to love and protect. They adorn and give meaning and purpose to my world. They are my heart and soul made manifest. 

~ From Journey through Womanhood by Tian Dayton, Ph. D

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Love in Nantucket

“Nantucket” by Matteart

There once was a couple in Nantucket…

who decided to get married on a nice fall day in October and live happily ever after!

Congrats to my dear friends, Jenn and David, who married this past weekend.  (Many of you will remember Jenn for her awesome role as officiant in mine and Wayne’s wedding).  We so wish we could have been there to celebrate with you but we’ve been sending thoughts of love across the continent!  To a lifetime of love and happiness you two!

Above original print by Matteart available for purchase here.

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More Suki…

Wayne and Suki (top and right), Grandma Kathy and Suki (bottom)

I just can’t help myself….more pictures of Suki!  Wayne’s mom, Kathy and her friend Soni, were visiting for the last 10 days (they left on the 27th) and spoiled her rotten!  It’s been just over two weeks now and things are going great.  This week we took her on two outings, one to Crevasse Moraine trail and the other to Matanuska River Park.  We’ve been letting her run in the woods off leash which is great exercise for her and have been working on her recall and “wait” abilities.  She’s been pretty good.  We did discover her love of chasing squirrels, which by the way sounds strangely similar to the squeak of her ball.  Also, as she’s been getting out and getting more exposure to the great big world her socializing skills are definitely improving so that is great.  This week she also got her first bath (much needed after jumping in swamp water and rolling on dead salmon carcasses in the riverbed) and saw her first moose (mama and baby) last night in the yard when we went out for a walk.  We are hoping to get out and hike with her this weekend.  Keep you posted!

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Welcome Suki!


We decided on the name “Suki” for our new pup.  It is of Japanese origin and means “to be liked” and since we sure do like her it seems like a fitting name!  She’s been here 10 days now and has really settled into her new life.  She loves her lambskin bed, chillin’ with me in the studio, long morning walks, and having her belly rubbed but her most favorite thing of all is her ball.  She could play fetch until the cows come home!  I am glad we have a nice big yard for her to run and a field for frolicking in.  She’s still a bit nervous in new situations and especially around men but we are working on getting her out more and socializing.  I’ll definitely be updating everyone with more pics soon!

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Love from a beach in Alaska

“We love because it is the only true adventure” -Nikki Giovanni


My dear friends Rachel and Josh are in love.  And they are getting married. 

Congrats you two!  May this be the beginning  of your greatest adventure yet!

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Wayne @ Terrain


Mel @ Terrain


We had an amazing and inspirational time at Terrain as you can see from the pictures.  I’m a big fan of multi-use programs such as this one which serves as a plant nursery, retail store, landscape design office, and cafe and also hosts various workshops/events related to gardening.  Not that I like to support large corporations, but the people at Urban Outfitters, Inc. (who also own Free People and Anthropolgie) really know how to put a store together.  I’m not sure if there are plans for Terrain to proliferate around the continent but I would be content with it just staying as one little gardening oasis in Delaware.   

We arrived in the morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a very large scone in the light and plant filled cafe.  I leisurely perused their selection of planters, terrariums, books, plants, jewelry, furniture, and miscellaneous home goods.  It was such a large space that it took a couple of walkthroughs to see everything.  I didn’t want to leave!  Wayne ended up dragging me out of there but not without a few goodies.

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Terrain of Love.

Love is the attempt to form a friendship inspired by beauty.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

To Wayne on our five-year dating anniversary, thanks for always inspiring me!  The perfect start to our perfect day will begin at Terrain at Styers where we will undoubtedly be inspired. To making new memories and remembering times past! ❤ mel


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